The career stuff:

I'm an independent graphic designer and creative project manager from Austria, currently based  in London, UK. After wearing  many hats throughout my career I now specialise in print design, graphics and visual communication for charities and smaller businesses.

I worked for SOS Children’s Villages International, the world's largest charity working with orphaned and abandoned children, as a photo editor, designer and later art director and team manager for more than 9 years. During this time I experienced firsthand that a strong visual brand and good design can have a huge impact on a charity's fundraising and communication work. ​In 2014 I relocated to London to study book design and after a period of working in publishing I'm now a freelancer but always open to new job opportunities.

The personal stuff:

I'm an optimist, a social introvert, a left and  right brain thinker, passionate analog photographer, swing dancer and aspiring yogi. My DIY skills are rather impressive but I'm completely lost without post-its. Where others see obstacles I see opportunities. There is a beauty to simplicity which is sometimes hard to achieve but it's always worth trying. One day I’m gonna have a dog. And of course I miss skiing…

What I can do for you:

The creating part: publications // logos // stationary // flyers // posters // postcards // signage // presentations // infographics // illustrations // books and CDs // merchandise // event design // corporate design // creative concepts & briefings // photo editing // web design

The managing part: project & team management // print production // organising photo & video shoots // corporate design // digital asset management // knowledge sharing